September 28, 2016


The thing about hateful people is that they are full of hate. They are so full of hate that it spills out of them and seeps into the atmosphere, so much so that sometimes you can’t help but breathe it in and become filled with hate yourself. These kinds of people bring out the worst in everyone. Their level of baseness is so despicable that you will find yourself expanding with rage and anger, fuming and wanting to lash out and insult them and call them nasty names. In short, hateful people like Donald Trump lower the bar so low that you find yourself wallowing in the blood and mud, wanting them humiliated and destroyed.

Donald Trump makes me a bad person.

I try and remain calm and rational and empathetic and loving, but just looking at his face and hearing the gibberish come out of his big mouth makes me want to break something or punch myself in the face or take a fork to my eyes. Is this how Trump supporters feel all the time? Does his orange glow force even his followers into a state of near demonic rage? Do they see the world through the lens of loathing? How could anyone listen to this lame excuse for a human being talk and not want the world to end? Even if you agree with whatever you can decipher from the bullshit that he claims as the “truth” just the sound of voice, the smirks and now the sniffs, the shrugs, the smug elitist chauvinistic little hand gestures are enough to make even the Dali Lama make fun of him.

This is not a person I can handle for four more years. For my own sanity and the sanity of the world, for all the peace loving and kind people, if Trump wins, he will bring us down too. The world will simmer in ignorant hate filled masochism. We cannot afford to watch this troll of a man on our little screens, making mistake after mistake for four more years.

We need him gone. Loser. Lose. Go home. Return to your gold laden cave, roll the boulder back in front of the door and disappear forever. We still have two more debates and countless more rallies, so the anger, like a fog, still sits over our collective consciousnesses, but after November 8th we can finally blow it away. Never to be seen again. Until next time he or some other GOP yokel comes looking for our blood.

I can’t stop watching that Shaq/Hillary .gif. I’m not sure what it is saying, but at the moment it is speaking to my soul. I never thought that I would find Hillary so endearing, but I guess when you put a fake doll next to a piece of shit and ask to choose, the doll has to win. She is killing it at the moment. Hope it can last. I can't believe this is even close.

Sorry I needed to get that off my chest. This is all too insane. I need some time in the woods or the ocean or somewhere away this election. Maybe Vietnam will help clear my head next week.


I had a nice evening skating session today The sun was low; the heat dissipating. Tried a few new things and I'm feeling more comfortable on the board. I might need a teacher/mentor soon. Perhaps after the break. I want feedback and things to work on.

And now....Atlanta.

September 27, 2016


“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” That’s a quote from Hunter S. Thompson, and I only wish that he was still with us to witness the debacle we are calling the GOP candidate of the president of the United States.

I had a pretty long day. Played some leadership whack-a-mole, taught some classes, and then led a MS literary night for parents causing me to stay at school for 12+ hours. Then after a celebratory glass of wine I headed to meet some friends and spend some time with an old boss/mentor/friend.

I have been waiting to watch the debates all day and rather than just crawl into bed at 10:48. I am going to watch them in full and “not-so-live tweet them.”

Buy the ticket. Enjoy the right:

Lester Holt is pretending like this is all very normal and that everyone is equal. Does anyone actually believe this? Or are we are clear that one candidate is a seasoned states person and the other is well for lack of a a better phrase a total, “piece of shit?”

Point Hillary- the red pant suit is a power move that screams Chairman Mao, but also the human cheeto, I’m gonna eat you alive.

Nice to see the eagle getting top bill, perched over the Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence or The Constitution or whatever other sacred document is draped behind them.

Hillary- Raise minimum wage- shout out to Bernie for pushing that issue. Equal pay for women. Yes please. Family leave. Earned sick days. Wealthy pay fair share.

Trump- Mexico. China. Fleeing. Fight. Winning. China. Piggy bank. Losing good jobs. Mexico. How does someone in the wealthy class “stop jobs from leaving.” Sniff.

Hillary- Zing- trump is a rich asshole and he just wants to reward rich assholes.

Trump- Sniff. Mexico. China. Sniff. Nafta.

Lester- How do you bring the jobs back?

Trump- Don’t let them leave. Sniff. Sniff. NAFTA is teh worst thing ever.

Hillary- Grin. That is just not accurate.

Trump- Interrupt. Interrupt. Interrupt. Interrupt

Hillary- I know you live in your own reality.

Trump- You have no PLAN!!!

Hillary- I actually wrote a book about it. You can pick it up at the airport.

Trump- Yell. Stomp. Stomp. You are a poo poo face and I hate you.

Hillary- Just join the debate by saying any crazy things.

Trump- The fed is doing political. More police. Stop and frisk. I have property there We need Law and Order.

Hillary- We have to address the system racism in our criminal justice system.

Trump- NRA. Good people. Endorsement.

…….side note- this is like torture……..

Trump- I say nothing. I say nothing.

Hillary- Just listen to what you heard.

Trump- That is the way I feel. That is the true way I feel.

Trump- THE CYBER. We came in with the internet. We came up with the internet. My son is good with computers.

Hillary- I took out Bin Laden. Boom Snap!

Trump- Take the oil. They have the oil all over the place.

Trump- Nato already does what I say. Believe me. Believe me. Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity. Call him. Nobody calls Sean Hannity.

Hillary- Wooh. Okay. Big smile.

Trump- Wroooong. Lies. Wrong.

Trump- Incoherent gibberish….Iran, deals, Yemen, …….

Hillary- Words matter. We need to precise about how we talk about issues. I intend to be a leader who people can look up to and trust.

Trump- We are losing. We are losing. She doesn’t have the stamina. Stamina. Stamina (read penis)

Trump- Rosie O’Donell deserves and no one feels sorry for her. Hillary running ads on me and she is not nice.

Hillary- This is election is about you. So get out and vote. Your future depends on it.

September 26, 2016

Uneventful Days

I was not a very nice person today. I was snappy with my own kids and my students; I avoided people as best I could. I had a teacher meeting, a parent meeting, a social lunch and I taught two classes, but other than that I hunkered down and got work done, quietly and alone. My teeth were killing me and I am pretty sure I have some kind of nasal infection. I’m not feverish or sick in the normal sense, but my skull ached all day and caused me to be a bit cranky.

I got a lot of work done on my Learning 2.0 talk after school and when I got home tonight. I feel much better about that. Now to plan out the workshops and be ready to roll next week. I am pretty excited to be back in Ho Chi Minh City, to see old friends, connect with new teachers and enjoy one of my favorite cities. Although it looks like there is some flooding happening at the moment.

I was supposed to run today, but I took a much needed 30 min nap before I made the girls dinner.

Days like you make you appreciate the normal healthy days. So if you are not in any kind of physical pain, and you are not sick in anyway and feeling pretty healthy, take a moment to look away from your phone, or close your laptop, take a deep breath and enjoy this moment of good health. I am looking forward to joining you soon.

In other news, I can’t even imagine what the headlines will say about the debate tonight. Part of me is glad to be sleeping through it, although I will most likely watch the whole thing on Youtube tomorrow.

Every week, I look forward to the latest Atlanta episode. It is my favorite thing on TV these days.

I am stuck in a mediocre YA book and I am looking forward to powering through it this week, so I can get the latest Jonathan Saffron Foer book before my trip.

The Raiders win again and are 2-1. Big game in Baltimore next week, but like an idiot I have faith. The Niners are beyond bad and life is good.

This is my life these days. Even traveling to Vietnam has become routine. We have a two-week October break coming up and t will be nice time to relax and catch up with the kids. Not going anywhere, but looking forward to some long uneventful days.